Solar Control Glass Tinting

Attachment Systems

Glass Fragmentation Retention Film defends against flying glass. For decades, terrorists and extremist groups have known that explosive devices and unprotected glass form a lethal combination.

During the recent World Trade Center terrorist attack, numerous deaths and injuries resulted from shards of glass which flew up to half a mile away from the collapsed structure. There is a Solution: FRAMEGARD. Madico's SAFETYSHIELD program provides building owners and facilities managers the ability to provide occupants and passer-by with added protection by installing FRAMEGARD glass fragmentation retention film from Madico.

There new Gull Wing attachment system incorporated with Lifeline will add extra protection against flying glass and reduce injuries. A Dow Corning product called Wet Seal can also be used to help hold glass to the frame.
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Example 'A' - Glass Remains Vulnerable with Daylight Installation of Window Film

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Step One:
Daylight window film with gap shown around edge.
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Step Two: 
Untreated edge of glass breaks and separates at the unfilmed edge of the glass. 
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Step Three: Fragments from untreated glass leave the window pane and enter the room.

Example 'B' - Framegard extracts Maximum Performance from Security Window Film

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Step One:
Framegard secures the film tightly in place to the window frame.
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Step Two:
Blast impact shatters external glass and drives in against the inner pane.
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Step Three: Framegard movement zone absorbs energy by allowing window film to stretch. Radiused edge prevents cutting of film. Gripped surface clamps film in place.
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