Solar Control Glass Tinting

Bay Area Window Film - Residential

Your home can now be illuminated by the beneficial good old sunshine without the harmful effects of the sun. By virtue of its unique ceramic coating and spectral selectivity, the films reject heat, eliminate UV rays and the harmful glare of the sun while maintaining visibility like a soft veil with European classic shades.

Most people realize window films protect carpets and interior valuables from pre-mature fading. Films also help reduce energy bills and increase occupant comfort.

Our designer films can do this because they reject almost 100 percent of damaging ultraviolet and a significant amount of solar heat energy.

Vista window film also reduces the threat of sun related damage to expensive blinds and draperies. By reducing the transmission of solar energy, the life of blind cords and drapery fabrics is extended. Best of all with our designer Vista films the entire look and performance capability of the window treatment is improved. 

We also have Vista non-reflective solutions that provide you with all of these benefits without the traditional reflective or shiny look. See our Line of  Vista clear High Performance and Ceramic window films. We have a wide choice of shades and colors to pick from and with no mirrored look from the outside or inside.
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