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In this case it is a dramatic three story home with cathedral ceilings and huge trapezoidal windows that truly bring the outside in. The home is continually drenched in sunlight, and features panoramic views in every direction. As breathtaking as the views are, the sun's brightness compromised the views and the sun's UV rays damaged the furnishings, wood floors and precious artifacts in the interior. Therefore, in the summer months, there was a real problem with solar heat.

In discussing the sunlight problems with neighbors it was learned that solar control window film had proven to be the solution to a similar residential problem in a nearby home. Bay Area home window tint consultants were brought in and quickly assessed the situation and provided an individual specific solution to the dilemma.

The recommendation was for the installation of Vista's innovative dual reflective film that blocks all ultraviolet light by 99.9%, reduces glare by 58%, and lowers solar heat by 47%. Vista's transparent, razor-thin film permits desirable daylight to penetrate interiors while keeping out excessive heat and damaging UV rays. (Ultraviolet light is the primary cause of fading with light and heat playing a significant secondary role.)
This solution provides excellent visibility from inside to out at all times of day and night. Most high solar rejection window films produce a situation at night that prevents people inside the home from seeing out but allows those outside to see in! This is a major setback to homeowners in warm, sunny climates that wish to control the sun's energy during the hot day yet preserve privacy and night time views as well. Vista's virtually clear film, comes with a lifetime warranty for materials and labor.

With Vista film on the windows, the problems with sun glare and heat have gone away and yet the magnificent day and evening views have been preserved. Moreover, the furnishings, fabrics, artwork and wood flooring are not going to fade away. And no one will know that the film is in place! Livermore home window tinting ensures an inconspicuous, elegant way to tint your windows. Try our new non-reflective Ceramic window film. In the Bay Area, tint windows with Solar Control.

Safety & Security

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Safety and Security Films can prevent burglary access through a window or door from breakage. These films are very resilient and adhere to the entire glass opening preventing the glass from being easily broken-out. This prevents break-and snatch robbery and combined with a glass sensing alarm will greatly reduce the possibility of burglary by glass break-outs.

Companies like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Bank of Walnut Creek, bike shops and the Tisch Building in San Jose Ca. have had great sucess with our films. 

The "smash and grab" robbery is among the most expensive for retailers. The Florida Retailers Association has estimated that this type of robbery can cost between $26,000 to more than $100,000 per incident, while a major department store has reported that their chain has lost more than $2 million from this type of robbery. The harder it is to smash, the less chance they have to grab something.


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The intensity of the California sun is always a challenge for builders and designers when it comes to determining the type and treatment of glass installed in a building. The problem is, when mistakes are made, it's the property manager's responsibility to correct it, which is exactly what happened to David Parsons at the Peri Executive Center in Walnut Creek. Commercial window tint services performed by Solar Control would turn the situation around.

"Because our windows were not properly treated, there were big fluctuations in the building's temperature depending on where the sun was shining during the day, and our energy costs were going through the roof", said Parsons. "And, as if this weren't enough, the reflection from the windows during the night was so intense that our tenants couldn't enjoy the view, which was one of our big selling points in soliciting tenants."

To solve the problem David Parsons called Solar Control, Bay Area commercial window tint experts, and we installed a total of 30,000 square feet at the site in just 6 weeks. And because the sunlight was consistently more intense on one side of the building, a complete energy analysis determined that it would be more efficient to use two different types of film. "The benefits were immediate," said Parsons, "We were able to equalize the building's micro-climates and the view at night was preserved. The film has given the building an improved and more uniform exterior appearance. There is a dramatic decrease in utility costs (approximately 12-15%) and more balance between hot and cold spots within tenant's suites. We received a 10 year warranty and though two types of film were used, they match perfectly." Want to see Bay Area commercial window tinting successes of your own?
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Companies such as the Regal Entertainment Group located in Dublin & Antioch California, Regal / UA Theatres in San Francisco, California, and Brenden Theatres have long enjoyed the sucess of Graffit Film.

Solar Control Glass Tinting Co. offers Llumar Magnum Graffiti Guard Film that provides complete surface protection for windows, mirrors, counter tops, coke machines and surfaces that are vulnerable to damage. Vandals can't see it so they don't know it's in place protecting the surface under it. Llumar Magnum Graffiti Film offers unmatched protection against Graffiti, Glass Taggers and Smash & Grab Robbers.


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With 342 rooms, the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows is indeed an impressive sight. But when you add the breathtaking views of the Pacific, a AAA 5 Diamond Award for excellence and 4,000 square foot luxury suites at $4,800 a night, it's easy to see why some consider it to be the worlds finest resort. So when Crawford Sherman, the resorts manager, began to notice that their window film was discoloring and the cost to maintain a comfortable room temperature was increasing, immediate action was necessary. And, no compromises could be made in correcting the problem. "The brand of film that had initially been installed seven years ago was from a very reputable manufacturer (3M), so you can imagine how surprised I was when these problems began", said Sherman. "People travel thousands of miles for the ultimate vacation, and it was unthinkable that we would allow them to look through window film that was blotching and discolored".

Sherman's first step was to contact their Vista dealer who recommended

Luminance V-28 & Mirage V-38 from Vista Window Film with its high heat rejection and its low interior reflectivity to optimize clarity. "I was overwhelmed by their knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness, and was particularly impressed by Vista's ten year warranty" said Crawford Sherman. "The final results are that the windows are now shaded on the outside for privacy while on the inside the sun's glare off the water is dramatically reduced enhancing the view that people travel so far to enjoy".
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