Solar Control Glass Tinting

Bay Area Commercial Window Film

Expansive windows, atriums and skylights are central to today's commercial architecture. It doesn't matter if it is an office building or a retail mall, an art gallery or an airport...customers, employees, and business owners are all drawn to facilities rich in natural light. Yet such wide-open beauty comes at a high price for many building owners, managers and tenants. Because while glass lets in an abundance of natural light, it also allows excessive heat to build-up indoors, sending energy costs soaring. Unfiltered ultraviolet rays can also damage interiors and create distracting glare.

With our Vista films protecting your building, you can optimize energy efficiency, prolonging the life of product displays and fine interiors, even create a more productive atmosphere. All the while ensuring superior optical clarity that preserves the natural light and open views that enrich today's commercial spaces.  We also have non-reflective solutions that provide you with all of these benefits without the traditional reflective or shiny look. Vista comes in a new Non-Reflective ceramic window film.
Many of our commercial clients qualify for lucrative refunds through PG&E.  Please visit the following link for more information about the PG&E refund program
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