Solar Control Glass Tinting

Online Film Selector

Our Online Film Selector is designed to simulate the results different types of window films will have on the view through your windows.  To utilize the tool you will need a basic understanding of the different window film categories.

  • Dual Reflective Films have a shiny, reflective look from the outside but a dull finish inside.

  • Ceramics reflect heat while allowing the visible light to enter, permitting a clearer view both day and night.  Ceramic films will not have a shiny appearance inside or out.   

  • High Performance window film stops more heat and lets in more light than an equal ceramic, reflective or dual reflective film while protecting the interior of your home or business.

Simply mouse over the film type below you're interested in and watch the view through the window change to simulate the effect applying the chosen film would have on the view from this window. If you're in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and would like to have a FREE film sample sent to your home or business please click here.
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