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  • BEFORE THE INSTALLATION OF THE WINDOW FILM, we thoroughly clean the glass on the inside. Some window frames make immaculate installations impossible due to paint, silicone, old caulking, soft rubber mastic, wood frames, dust and no rubber gasket between the frame and the glass. There will be small particles under the film around the edge wherever these conditions are found. With over 31 years of experience, our installers are trained to minimize these problems. Please keep in mind that we are not in a clean room environment.

  • UPON INSTALLATION OF THE FILM, if the installer notices a defect in the framing system or glass, (a small crack, scratches, air bubble, seal failure, etc.), the customer will be advised of the problem. At this time the customer can make the decision to film over the defective pane, thus forfeiting the applicable manufacturer warranty.

  • WATER DIMPLES WILL DISAPPEAR, As the film bonds flat to the glass, you will notice a wet appearance.  Small water dimples develop after the film is installed and are constantly changing shape and size.  You will notice a hazy, foggy, blotchy, or white  washed appearance as part of the curing process and generally needs two (2) to eight (8) weeks to reach full optical clarity.

  • PLEASE ALLOW THE FILM AMPLE TIME TO DRY, Many factors contribute to how fast the films dry.  Hot or cold days, fog, rain or a northern exposure.  Inside home temperature, or trees and shrubs blocking the sun rays, even window screens can be a factor.

  • THE BARELY VISIBLE CLEAR BORDER around the edge (approx. 1/16" to 1/8") ensures that the film is properly bonded to the glass, and not touching the rubber, wood or metal edge.

  • FOR BEST CLEANING RESULTS use a mild detergent solution, or a commercial window cleaner such as Glass Plus or Windex. You can use a chamois, soft paper towel, soft cloth or rubber squeegee. Even though the film is scratch resistant, it is not scratch proof.
    WE DO NOT RECOMMEND using a brush, abrasive type sponge, straight ammonia, alcohol or any type of abrasive cleaner such as Ajax or Comet. (Maintenance Instruction)

It's natural for you to examine your new purchase closely. Keep in mind we are not in a clean room environment and you will see some particles and defects under the film and think it's a film defect. A good viewing rule for you to follow: stand ten feet away from the window and look through the film...not at it.

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