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With ongoing wireless technology advancement, including laptops, WiFi, cell phones and Bluetooth, the amount of confidential information communicated through "free space" is greater than ever. However, the security measures and protections have not kept up the pace. As matter of fact, many businesses spend millions protecting and securing their IT networks, only to have the information easily accessible in the air.

We can protect you from having your confidential information floating in "free space." Solar Control Glass Tinting Company now offers Llumar's Anti-Eavesdropping films. These films can protect you from electronic eavesdropping and wireless signal stealing through your windows

Our Llumar's Anti-Eavesdropping films not only protect you from the potential confidential information lost but also provides other great benefits as well.

  • One version of the film can protect your property or business from significant impact according to the federal government standards.
  • Reduces window heat gain/loss, lowering your energy costs.
  • Protects furnishing by blocking UV rays.
  • Lowers electronic disruptions from outside electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Click here for our Anti-Eavesdropping Brochure or Anti-Eavesdropping Article.
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